Friday, April 22, 2011

This Week I...

...canned my new favorite jam (for this week anyways): strawberry rhubarb.

...played with some pretty new fabrics.

...hard boiled some eggs...
...and then dyed them.

...planted tiny plants in big pots...
...and tiny plants in small pots.

...made the homemade version of a strawberry fruit roll-up.

...ate several artichokes my new favorite way, with a browned butter green onion dipping sauce.

...did some intensive Easter Dinner menu planning. Can't wait for this weekend!

How did you all spend your week?


  1. Mmmm, artichokes. My favorite! I bought some this week too. Your dipping sauce sounds divine.

  2. Yum and cool to all, happy easter

  3. homemade fruit roll-up!!! Did you know I eat 1-2 fruit leathers every day?

    I remember that until your family taught me the secret of dipping artichokes in melted butter, I thought the only way was mayonnaise. That's all my family ever used.

    nice fabric ;)

  4. those fabric patterns are so beautiful!! and that homemade fruit leather looks sooo yummy. i want!!

  5. I love your week's. Your pictures are awesome.

  6. The homemade fruit roll up looks delicious-- I'll have to try that recipe! Thanks for posting :)


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