Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Last Week I...

...had a birthday dinner for my Mom at the Chicken Shack...
...and made several pizzas...
...and this carrot cake, which totally knocked my socks off.

...had a picnic at the park...
...which included some swing time.

...made a special meal for my man (Steak with Mushroom Pan Sauce, Creamed Spinach, and one of his other favorites).

...pilfered some lilacs (my favorite flower) from my parent's house; my goodness but they smell amazing.

...bought this mustard simply because it came in a container shaped like a beer mug.

...made some springtime arrangements which make me smile.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. that mustard jar is super cute! and i love how u decorated that cake =)

  2. You managed to make this look the best week anyone ever had in the history of the universe. I especially adore the mom birthday, the picnic, the meal you made for Nick, and the mustard. I gotta know where you found that mustard

  3. happy birthday to your mom! the cake looks lovely i love carrot cake it is one of my fave cake flavors and love the candles you choose too!

  4. Happy Birthday Mom. As always, your pics are amazing.

  5. These pictures are making me hungry!! I am following your blog now and hope you will stop by ours soon!


  6. I like this week! Is that the same recipe carrot cake that Mary makes? The stuff of dreams. :)

  7. the balloon picture stole my heart. so so cute.


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