Friday, April 15, 2011

This Week I...

...started making some preserved Meyer lemons.

...added more little baby succulents to my collection.

...consumed way too many chocolate Easter eggs.

...kicked some ass at bowling.

...cooked a pizza with an egg on it, even though it seemed a little odd at the time.

...enjoyed some snuggle time with this little monster.

Ok, same question as last time: how did you all spend your week?


  1. Lets see

    Worked out a ton
    Cooked fab fajita's
    cuddled my daughter

  2. i need to try that egg on a pizza thing! did you like it?
    i wish i could kick some ass at bowling...i suck :( haha oh well..

  3. Allison, my weekdays are so boring. All I did is work, eat, and run. and spend money on gas.

    I haven't bowled in so long! were you at Napa bowl? Best place for b-day parties, bumpers for losers only

  4. i am dying to get into our apt and get myself a meyer lemon tree - that's totally possible here, right?!

    also, love the new weekly wrap-ups :).

  5. This week I... Had a bridezilla meltdown complete with tears. Had a fabulous girls' night out. Canned! Mango jam and pickle relish to be exact.

    Birdie is beginning to look like the second coming of Scooter, that makes me so happy.

  6. Sounds like you had a great week! I hope this one is equally enjoyable for you.

  7. Looks like a perfect week, to me!!!! Happy Monday! =)

  8. Went hiking a lot and went to Caldonazzo lake in Italy - where, incidentally, eggs on pizza are not uncommon ^_^


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