Monday, April 5, 2010

Butter + Cream + Joy the Baker

Before consuming Easter chocolate by the fistful and rocking and rolling through another LA earthquake, we spent a gorgeous day in the kitchen with our moms, BFF Jill, and the one and only Joy the Baker. Odds are that you already know Joy and her beautiful blog. If you don’t, mosey on over to her site and take a look.
Joy is gracious. And calm. And talented. And pretty. She was nice about it when I overdid it on the corn syrup in her vanilla glaze, and when our chocolate glaze set too early. In our downtime, Joy shared tips on food photography and this crazy awesome little world of blogging that we’ve just recently joined. She was a great teacher in every sense of the word, and to put it bluntly, her recipes kick ass. You should make them too.

If you want to see her in action, check out the On the Lamb cooking demo this Saturday at noon at Surfas in Culver City.

Lotsa pictures after the jump!

Our class was held at Ramekins in Sonoma. Their kitchen had some amazing tools, including the largest rolling pin I've ever seen.
We started by making an epic cookie mash-up: Red velvet cake-like cookies, with a black and white frosting combo.
Here's Joy with the moms at the mixer. Our moms had a good time too.
I must say, our cookies looked pretty great, despite an incident that may or may not have involved another group accidentally stealing our perfectly baked cookies, and leaving behind their slightly overbaked ones. The ladies of Butter + Cream do not hold grudges, we would just rather not talk about it.
I think that Mary won the creative points for the class.She created a black and white cookie that was full of all kinds of love:
We also made the most decadent, sugar-coma inducing goodness that I have ever had. Rice Krispie treats topped with a layer of peanut butter fudge, topped with a layer of chocolate fudge. Fudge. On Rice Krispie treats. I know, I just blew your mind.
If I had to pick a word for this dessert it would be: ridiculous.
Jill offered to press the Rice Krispie treats in to the pan. Jill is recently engaged and her ring is a stunner. I'm pretty sure she was just looking for an opportunity to show it off.
Along with the cookies and the Rice Krispie Treats, the class made lemon whoopie pies (a lemon lover's dream), pumpkin pie bars, and a batch of cinnamon roll muffins that were out of this world yummy.

Based on her talent and charm, it's no surprise that Joy is working on a cookbook. She is the real deal, and we have no doubt that she'll conquer the world, one cookie at a time. Joy, thanks for sharing your day with us! We wish you endless success!


  1. How lucky are you that you got to go to Joy's class this weekend?!! Sounds awesome, despite said cookie thievery. Funny that you mention rice crispy treats. Just reconnected with an old high school friend this weekend, and rc treats were one of "our" things we made heaps of during our friendship. Can't say we ever thought to put fudge on top...Any chance you'd be willing to post that recipe? Good lord. PB and FUDGE. On rc treats. I can't help feeling like I'm supposed to make these. :)

  2. If this were a facebook post, I'd "like" it. I'm just sad I wasn't able to go to this lovely event. =( Instead I stayed home and baked Joy the Baker bread in my own kitchen and ate it with my family on Easter. Nom.

  3. Good times! Can you believe that Mary got off the plane the next morning and made the lemon whoopie pies to take to Easter lunch?!?
    (And I got to show off my ring a bunch on Easter too!)

  4. Hi, Mary and Allison! I'm a fairly new SoCal food blogger myself, and I found you through Joy's blog. You girls have a great site - I'll definitely be exploring it more. Will you be going to the strawberry class this weekend? If so, see you there!

  5. i'm sp jealous! I would love to bake with the one and only Joy. your blog is beautiful girls, keep it up!


  6. That's so cool! What a wonderful opportunity and Joy seems like such a lovely gal! :D

  7. Wow what a fun day! I love Joy and everything you made sounds amazing!

  8. Hi there! Just linked over here from a comment you left on my blog and realized you were the same girls Joy talked about on her blog. :) I'm jealous - sounds like it was an awesome class. I love your blog, I just found a whole bunch of recipes to "star" in my GR.


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