Monday, October 24, 2011

Lovely Weekend

People joke about the lack of seasons in Los Angeles , but like many Angelenos, I had no complaints about year-round sunshine and beach days. But the more time we spend in the Midwest, the more I'm becoming enamored of the red and orange leaves, the cool crisp air, and that back-to-school desire to buy some cute new boots and a big chunky sweater.  We had a beautiful weekend in St. Louis, here are some pictures.

Coffee, cornbread, and a canning cookbook.

 A red and orange tree in Tower Grove park.  The photo doesn't do these colors justice.

 A HUGE head of farmer's market cabbage.

Sunny day in a corn maze.

A view of the city, from out in the sticks.

My first real pumpkin patch!  Where the pumpkins were still growing in the ground!

This is a pumpkin cannon.  As in, it shoots pumpkins at about a bajillion miles per hour.  So fun.


  1. Never seen a canon live, I bet it is pretty funny to watch.

  2. The pumpkin cannon thing looks interesting to me. I think it might be fun to see pumpkins shot into sky. Have a good weekend and keep us updated with more pictures of your lovely weekend.


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