Thursday, March 10, 2011

Stuff I love!

It's been that kind of evening...  The mushrooms I was counting on for tonight's dinner have vanished from the refrigerator, my homemade pesto tastes more like pumpkin seeds than basil, and sharing my yoga mat with a pug and his chew toy was not exactly relaxing. Oh, and my UCLA Bruins are down 16 points in the second half.

I've decided not to fight the forces that be.  Instead, I'm going to share some of the lovely things that have caught my attention recently, in the hopes that sharing some positive energy will turn my night around.  So without further delay, here is some stuff I love:

My juicer!  A birthday gift to myself, this baby has changed my morning routine forever.  I'm such a picky eater when it comes to breakfast.  I don't like anything too sweet, too heavy, or too rich, and cereal has never really rocked my world.   To make my princess tiara a little bigger, I'll add that I don't like fruit that's bruised, or eating fruit that's on a core (i.e. a whole apple or pear) while at work.  And I find smoothies too thick and heavy.  But none of that matters anymore, because I just juice every piece of fruit, no matter how decrepit, and the end result is delicious.  My fruit bowl used to languish in the corner, and now I can't get back to the farmers' market fast enough.  It's also been an amazing way to crank up my veggie intake, as carrots, beets, celery, and cucumber are all delicious when juiced and mixed with fruit.  So go get a juicer!

Quantum Wellness by Kathy Freston.  Kathy is hot and blonde, and she's BFFs with Oprah.  She's also a vegan and a wellness guru, and I have a big life crush on her.  When I went vegan a few months ago, it really motivated me to make other little life tweaks to tap into more energy and happiness.  This book is great for anyone who is inspired to live with more mindfulness and purpose, but doesn't quite know how to make it happen.  The book isn't perfect (at one point she encourages her drug addict readers to "cook an organic meal for friends" instead of smoking crack), but it's a refreshing and motivating read.

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Native Foods Culver City This is not your kooky aunt's vegan restaurant.  Right now Native Foods is my favorite place to eat in LA, period.  It's withing walking distance from my house, but absolutely worth a trek across town if you have to.  Chef Tanya has a full menu of apps, salads, and rice bowls, but in my humble meatless opinion, it's her sandwiches and wraps that steal the show.  The Ruben sandwich is to DIE for.  Oh, and all you readers who are lactose intolerant should go buy some of the dairy-free ranch dressing.  I am a ranch enthusiast, and would not be able to tell in a million years that theirs doesn't have any sour cream or buttermilk. -  Holy time suck Batman!  I could get lost in this website for hours.  We're refreshing our place, and Apartment Therapy is a never ending source of inspiration.  While we can all dream about Viking ranges and marble backsplashes, it's just as fun to watch couples in Chicago master their DIY projects, or New Yorkers make it work in their tiny studios.

Those are the things that are making my world go round this week...  What about you all?  Have a great weekend!  xoxo, M


  1. OMG Best Friend! I added apartment therapy to my reader list not more than 5 days ago and I too have been sucked in!!

  2. apartment therapy is the BEST! i also adore my juicer... "cheers to vitality" i always say, haha...

    i just picked up alicia silverstone's book "the Kind Diet" on a whim recently... so far i'm really digging it. just READING about healthy lifestyles gets me motivated!! ^__^


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