Thursday, December 2, 2010

Vegucating Robin

I'm not a regular listener of the Howard Stern show, but I have a growing girl crush on his news woman Robin Quivers.  First she ran the NYC Marathon the same year I did, and now she's doing a web-based cooking series called Vegucating Robin.  Robin has been a vegan for the last four years, but nearly set her house on fire trying to boil water.  She and chef Gavan Murphy created Vegucating Robin as a way to share her cooking journey with her fans.  Robin's sense of humor in the kitchen is infectious, and their food looks amazing.  As someone who's flirting with going fully plant-based, I can't wait to see what other recipes Chef Gavan comes up with.  For now, check out their cannelini bean concerto.  White beans and kale?  Yeah, I can get down with that.


  1. Robin is also a philanthropist and a wine connoisseur. Love her! She spends quite a bit of time in Napa - maybe we will run into her when we are there for wedding festivities!

  2. I love love love Robin...I'm so glad you posted this, I have been wanting to see it. Thanks!!!


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