Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New York!

 I know that for most people, especially in the cooking blogosphere, November means one thing: Thanksgiving.  But for this blogger, November now has another meaning.  New York.  More specifically, the New York Marathon.  This year I was one of the lucky 45,000 who took to the streets, and our weekend in the Big Apple was everything we hoped it would be.  We'll get to pumpkin and stuffing again soon, but I wanted to share some of the high points of my trip.

We rented this awesome apartment in Brooklyn, and it was great.  Not sure if I'll be spending big bucks on a Manhattan hotel room any time soon.

Hi lady liberty!  Thanks for having us!

 After a 5 am wakeup, a day on airplanes, and a trek from La Guardia to Brooklyn on public transportation (all in high-heeled boots), this New York pizza was everything

 Look!  A real New York hispter!  Admire the rolled cuffs on the jeans, the man bag, and the perfectly coiffed hair.  John rolled his jeans like that for the rest of the trip.
We loved the subway!  This station had all of these cool little sculptures.

Now let's get to the good stuff...  The baked goods!

We decided that since I would be burning a bajillion calories running the marathon, we'd treat ourselves to a little bakery crawl.  We started in Chelsea Market, then made our way over to Midtown.  The crawl began with an incredible cup of split pea soup and a glass of white wine from Friedman's Lunch.  Because when you're on vacay, drinking wine at noon on a Friday is no biggie!  Then we promptly popped some chocolates at Jacques Torres Chocolate, the blood sugar started flowing, and we were in business.

Ruthy's had these impressive cartoon cupcakes.  They had some amazing cakes too, someone back there has some bad ass skills with a pastry bag.  We also tried rugelach cookies.  I liked them, but John looooved them.  He grew up with a Yugoslavian grandma, and the flavors in that cookie took him way back.  We had a rugelach moment.  It happens.

 Eleni's makes some pretty unreal painted cookies in just about every theme you can imagine. 

I have no words for this cuteness.

We felt weird snapping photos, but Amy's Bread had a giant picture window into their kitchen.  I stood with my mouth open watching the most efficient people on earth rolling dough, weighing dough, shaping dough, wash, rinse, repeat.  I really wanted to put on an apron and join them.  Amy, call me!

Next on the docket was Fat Witch Bakery.  Their baby brownies were the perfect size for two bakery crawlers.  I loved their "walnut baby", but wasn't as crazy about the "blonde baby".  I think, ironically, I'm just not a huge fan of blondies in general.

Food Network was in the building!  I stood around for a bit waiting to see if someone wanted to hire me, but sadly we had to move along.  Next it was over to Bryant Park (desiiiigners...), to Crumbs.

 Photo from
At Crumbs we powered down a cookies n' cream cupcake.  People literally stopped us in the park to ask where it came from.  It was huge and delicious, a definite cupcake inspiration.

 At this point we were getting weary and a bit hyperglycemic, but we wanted to make one more stop.  At Magnolia Bakery, we ate the world's best pumpkin whoopie cookie filled with salted caramel buttercream.  Mary Dryfoos, if you're reading this, we bought you a little gift box from Magnolia, then I forgot to bring it when we met for drinks that night.  I feel terrible, and we owe you cookies!

Oh, and that's right.  The marathon!

 The marathon was one of the best things I've ever done.  The people of New York were incredible, from the firefighters who yelled "welcome to Brooklyn" as we entered the borough to the church choir who sang gospel songs out on the steps in Williamsburg.  Whole apartment buildings were having parties along the race course, and you really got the sense that New Yorkers love their neighbors.

 The runners were a spirited group too.  Has anyone seen Waldo?

Hi Jared!  This is Jared from Subway.  I joked on Facebook that my only goal was to beat Jared.  It just so happens that at Mile 25.8, I was getting my last wind as Jared was slowing down, and I scooted right by him.  Good job Jared, maybe you'll beat me next time ;-).
Thank you New York!  It was an amazing trip, and we can't wait to visit again!

Other places we went:
The View Lounge
Terrace Bagels - OMG.  I'm dreaming of these bagels!
Sushi Yama
Friends Pizza Cafe


  1. Omg, I'm so jealous! What an amazing trip to NYC! I want to go back there so bad! I'd probably go on a bakery tour too if I was about to run a marathon, or even if I wasn't ;-)

  2. We stopped at Magnolia Bakery this passed weekend! Their mocha cupcakes are to-die-for! I should really do a blog post about the food we ate. Congrats on the marathon! My goal is a 10k - I'll get there, just slowly. :) Good work!

  3. Wow that sounds amazing! I'd love to go eat a bunch of sweets then run a marathon(; Glad you had a good time, the cupcakes looked really cute!

  4. This reminds me of why I love the city in the fall. I'm so glad NY was good to you!


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