Thursday, August 12, 2010

BFF Jill Threw Us a Party!

 It's a good day today. It's Thursday, which is almost the weekend.  My amazing and talented fiance has restored the wifi in our house, so you will be hearing a lot more from me.  Tonight I'm putting on my pleather and eyelashes and going to see Lady Gaga in concert, and tomorrow, we're driving up to Napa for what promises to be an excellent weekend. Mary + Allison + the Napa Town and Country Fair... I don't know if you know what happens when  the two of us are surrounded by fried food, livestock and plastic cups of wine, but I guarantee it will be a good time.

But before we get to this weekend's festivities, I want to recap a backyard party that was one of the highlights of the summer.  And to recap this party, I need to talk about BFF Jill.

If we're being technical, BFF Jill is John's niece's mom. If we're being real, she's his sister, and soon to be mine.  Jill and I have known each other since John and I started dating, but our friendship has really come into its own over the last two or three years. We started volunteering at Planned Parenthood events together, rallied around some of the same political causes in the 2008 election, and discovered that we both have jobs that allow for frequent email communication, so that we can keep eachother apprised of important things in our lives like what blogs are good today, and what we had for lunch.

Jill has exceptional strength, honesty, and depth. She's even-keeled, which I guess you have to be when you have a 14-year old daughter. My life plan is that when I have my own pre-teen someday, I will put drop her off on Jill's porch. Four years later, Jill will return her to me and she will have a college acceptance letter and a good head on her shoulders. Sounds pretty win-win to me.

Jill is getting married next June. In fact, she and her fiance will tie the knot exactly 6 weeks before John and I do. I think plenty of women would have a teensy bit of resentment toward a close friend crowding their wedding date, but Jill never batted an eye. Instead, she and her fiance offered to throw us a party. Go open your dictionary and look up "gracious"... Yep, there she is. And I know what you're thinking...  "Mary, you already had an engagement party."  And that's true, but with our two huge families living on opposite ends of the state, two parties was just the most practical way to make sure that everyone got to celebrate.

I know you can't really plan these things, but I think every engaged girl needs a bride friend.  Maybe we could make a girl-buddy pairing website... When I'm excited and I want to talk about the merits of chiavari vs. folding chairs, Jill will listen, not because she's been there, but because she's there right now.  In 10 short months, Jill will walk down the aisle in a dress that I just saw for the first time this weekend (!), I will cry buckets and melt into a heap of happy goo. In the meantime, check out what she did for us...  All photo credits go to my lovely neighbor Dorien.  Go say hello to her at her blog, the Women's Debauchery Auxiliary!

These are peaches...  Wrapped in pancetta.  I'm fully on board with the "let's wrap fruit in bacon" movement.  Here's the recipe.

These potatoes...  Oh my word.  Creamy, rich, delicous, amazing.  An old family recipe that Jill is not at liberty to share.  I'm working on her.

 Pork loin!  We should party with pork more often.  When it's summer, and you're in the backyard, put a delicious cherry sauce on top.  Your guests will ooh and ahh.  This cherry sauce came from Savory Baking, and it's downright sumptuous.

Quiche, mmm...   I lurve quiche.

 And this plate o' beauty...  Vegetarian!  When you throw a party and the vegetarian plate looks like this, you know you're doing something right.

That's my sister in the background!  Isn't she adorable?

Self portrait with Shannyn!

John's mom is cracking my grandma up.  Cuteness.

Dan's raising the roof.

My happy dad and his gorgeous wife.

Thank you Jill!!!


  1. Huzzah! Great party. I took notes...and drank lots of wine. =)

  2. Sorry about the blurry pork photo :(. But man that was an amazing day!

  3. And now I'm crying at my desk... I love you!!

  4. Aw I love YOU Jilly. And as your bride friend, I understand the desk crying. I've done my fair share of desk and car crying. As Whitney Houston says, "I get soooo emotional baby!".

  5. Awww, sweetness and love. What an awesome party it was!

  6. It sounds great - and Jill is awesome. And yes - forget technicalities - she's our sister.


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