Friday, May 21, 2010

Butter + Cream Cupcake Bash!

Happy Friday! Last Friday, I skipped out of the office at 2:30, and picked Allison up from the airport!We went to Cafe Surfas and got iced tea and croissants. We bought chocolate. Allison wished she could take all of Surfas back home with her. And then we went home and baked cupcakes. A LOT of cupcakes.
We used every available space we could find while baking, including the laundry room:
It may be a bit of an oxymoron, but the dryer actually made a very good cooling area. And after hours of baking, we ordered Thai food. And may or may not have watched eleventy five episodes of "Say Yes to the Dress". Don't judge please. Baking cupcakes for 5 hours fries your brain.
The next morning, we frosted!
And topped! These are coconut cupcakes with an almond cream cheese frosting. They're probably the best coconut cupcakes you'll ever have. Yeah, that's right, I said that.

We made signs...And you guys came! And brought your cupcakes!
These cupcakes came all the way to us from New York City! Think I'm kidding?
Allison of Dolcetto Confections sent us a box of goodies! I'm gonna be honest, these almond hazelnut cupcakes put me in my happy place. And here are her Red Velvet Cupcakes, which we topped with marshmallow frosting:
I am in awe of the care and detail that went in to baking all these goodies, and that she packaged them all individually, and even made cute little signs for them. Not only did she do all that, but her treats all tasted delicious too! Sheesh, this girl is amazing! Thank you Allison!
Finally it was time for the party. Guests started arriving...
And we started scarfing down cupcakes. Including, Chocolate Peanut Butter!S'mores!
Carrot cake with dulce de leche buttercream!
Irish Car Bombs!There was even a savory cupcake! My neighbor Dorien made cheddar and jalapeno cupcakes with an avocado salsa. They were amazing, and a great counterbalance to all the sweets we were eating.
Those are just a few of the cupcakes that were brought, baked and consumed at the party. We ate so many cupcakes that we were feeling a little bit sick the next day. But it was a good kind of sick.
Y'all can bake some tasty cupcakes! Thanks to everyone who came and for all the support! And SF Bay Area residents, keep your ears open... We'll be hittin' you with some pie this summer!


  1. LOVE YOUR BLOG!! So cute - can't wait to catch up on previous recipes :) -Your newest follower

  2. Holy cupcakes! I wish I could have been at the cupcake bash...they all look delicious!

  3. yummmm can you share the recipe for marshmallow frosting?

  4. oh my gosh. there are no words. uuuu drooooool

  5. what fun! yet another reason to move to SF!


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